Friday, 5 October 2007

Celebrations in Chinatown

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Last Sunday the Chinese Community came together with Consul General Gong and Mrs Gong to celebrate the 58Th Anniversary of The Founding of The People's Republic of China National Day. John Sung gave an introduction to the speeches. Deputy Lord Mayor Steve Rotheram was delighted to attend with his wife "We love Chinese food especially when it is free!" he said. Mr Kenny Tam the Chair of the See Yep Chinese Association had the audience laughing and made everyone welcome bringing humour to the event. Mark Rederick Fire Safety, Rob Taylor, Community Manager, Fire Safety and John Mc Hale Merseyside Police were among the distinguished guests.
The event was held at Mr Chung's Far East Restaurant Berry Street, the food was delicious and the entertainment was exceptional once again.
After the event Consul Gong walked to the Wah Sing Community Centre to look at the work that has been carried out recently in the building. He was very impressed and thanked everybody for their hard work and continued dedication to the Chinese people in the North west of England. Mrs Gong sat in the Sedan Chair to have a photograph taken.

Saturday, 29 September 2007


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Chinese Memory Line

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Artists Moira Kenny and Callum Moncrieff made 100 wooden boats and worked with the Wah Sing and all of the Chinese Communities in a series of workshops painting the boats to reflect Diaspora, movement and settlement in a project called Chinese Memory Line 2004.
The boats were exhibited in the Museum of Liverpool Life and later thrown into The River Mersey from one of the Mersey Ferries. The work was recorded with aerial photography and film. One of the boats was kept for the Museum collection. Some of the boats were painted by famous Calligraphy Masters visiting from China and would now be worth a lot of money. Look out for them next time you go on the ferry or e-bay!

Masters of Calligraphy visiting Liverpool

Sedan Chair

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This is the first Sedan Chair in Europe. When people are getting married they use the Sedan chair, the Unicorn and music it is called HAKA.
The bride sits in the chair, two men carry the chair, they take the bride to the grooms house before they arrive the groom has to wait outside. The groom kicks the door three times, that means he is ready to take the bride side by side into the house. If the lady is large it sometimes takes four men to carry her.

The Sedan Chair was designed and made by Colin Wan

Mr Lee

(C) CM
I am the Ex Chair of the last delegation. I was the Chair of the Wah Sing until 06. I have been here for thirty years. I am now an Honoury Member.

Line Dancing Ladies

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Mak Chiuping and Chifong Wan

We started the line dancing group in January 04 as something different apart from just learning Chinese, excersice and keep fit. I like all sorts of music, not every song, it just depends. Like you try all sorts of food and prefer some. There is not so many people who teach line dancing and when you don't speak English it is very hard dancing enhancing the language. I try to teach in Chinese but they have to learn the terms because you cannot translate it. It doesn't make sense. after a while they understand. They don't see it as English lessons! One step ahead all of the time (forgive the pun) Usually Chinese perform at New year but when we danced in a Western style last year many people were excited. We had a standing ovation!

Dancing Ladies

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Friday, 28 September 2007

Chinese Reflection

Seel Street/Slater Street Chinese Reflection copyright MK. 2005
Chinese Reflection building wrap was designed and delivered by Moira Kenny working in partnership with the Wah Sing, the Pagoda, Chinapool, Frenson and many quality organisations such as National Muesums on Merseyside, Liverpool Vision and LCC the work was to highlight the watch makers building which is in need of renovation and is part of the Stop the Rot campaign. The images celebrated the oldest Chinese Community in Europe referencing inventions, journey and settlement, business innovation, education and heritage.

Chinatown Liverpool is at an exciting time of change. LCBA working with Liverpool Vision are developing a feasiblity study to expand. Many innovative ideas are on the drawing board, some such as a Heritage Museum and Contemporary Arts Centre which have been in the planning stage with the community for thirty years but more recently since 2003 working with visual artists devloping an outreach musuem with partners. In the future Liverpool Chinatown aims to be as interesting as New York, San Fransico or Manchester! A bustling business centre with unique shops good food and lots to see and do.
Watch this space.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

You can also find out more about our work at the Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre and School at:

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Chinese Unicorn Arts Academy

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The Unicorn brings harmony and prosperity to the places we visit and perform at. The Chinese were the first to celebrate the lunar calendar the Dragon,the Phoenix and the Unicorn are mythical creatures. The Unicorn brings good luck after getting rid of the bad luck for many things such as marriages and new business' The team consist of Georgie Liu, Colin Wan and Kam Lau.

Mr Tsang and Mrs Tsang

(C) MK
I have worked voluntarily at the Wah Sing for many years. I began as a volunteer in 1985. I will be a volunteer until I retire or later. I run the tuck shop voluntarily in the Wah Sing.

Mr Wong

(C) MK
I am a senior member of the Cantonese Opera.I came from Hong Kong in the late sixties. I have lived in Liverpool for many years. Everything is OK. My children all learning in Liverpool.I play music in the Wah sing with a Chinese flute.

Wing Chow

(C) MK
I have worked voluntarily with the Wah Sing for over 30 years. I was in Liverpool for four years and then moved out to Southport. My favourite place in Liverpool is the harbour. I was born in South China and came to Liverpool via Hong Kong.

Master Wong

(C) CM
I am a Chinese Martial Art teacher. I teach every Sunday. It is a type of Kung Foo. It takes at least five years to learn even training very hard. When practicising we use wooden swords. To fight we use real swords but only when you become a master

Philip Liu

(C) MK
I broke my teeth as a member of the first table tennis team and went on to become a table tenis champion!

Richard Szeto Deputy Chair

I am the Deputy Chair of the Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre. I am responsible for the Chinese School and all Cultural Activities.

Mr Yu

I first came to Liverpool from Hong Kong 43 years ago via London and Cardiff and Blackpool. I am one of the earliest members of the Wah Sing. I have two boys and three girls. Grandsons-I have twenty. My favourite things in Liverpool are the Wah Sing and singing.

Joe Zhou

I do anything I can for the Wah Sing. I have been a volunteer for four years. I left for 14 years and then came back. My favourite thing about Liverpool is football. I support Liverpool and Everton. Both. I like alan Ball and Gerrard.

Colin Wan 1st Vice Chair

I am the 1st Vice Chairman of the Wah Sing. I am the founder of the UK Chinese Unicorn Academy. I am a volunteer of the Wah Sing. My favourite thing about Liverpool is the buildings. Albert Dock. I was born in Hong Kong originally. I came back in 1963 to England BOAC airline. Not on a boat. Some people came on a boat not by airplane. My father bring me over for working in the catering industry.

John Sung Chair


I am the Chair of the Wah Sing. I have been a Volunteer since the 1960's. I will do anything that needs doing for the Wah Sing, anything that needs seeing to. I came to Liverpool in 1961. My mother came with six children. It took three days and three nights to fly here. I don't know how many connections we made. The Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre is my favourite place in Liverpool. When my children were small we had to do our work and and bring up the children, now we come every Sunday. In 1962/3 Mr Cheung asked me to come to help. We are trying to bring the Centre up to standards, fire regulations and Health and safety etc.

CK Cheung Head Master

I started the Wah Sing in 1965. It started formerly on the first floor of the Tai Wah Restaurant opposite the ABC Cinema In Lime Street. I started the first Chinese class on a table tennis table when all of the Liverpool Chip Shops were closed for members to learn the thoughts of Chairman Mao. We had no text books. Later on members suggested to teach the children. People donated one child each to be taught Chinese. We would pick them up and take them home afterwards. We started with eight children we now have over two hundred and sixty! We are dedicated to educating the children

Monday, 17 September 2007

Chinese Variety Show and Workshops


On Sunday the 16th of September 2007 the Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre held a variety show and workshops to create a Web Blog funded by Community Foundation For Merseyside. An Exhibition of photographs of China was on display. The photographs were kindly on loan from the Chinese Consul General in Manchester. Much fun was had by all. Enjoy our blog and we look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future!

Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008

All members, honoury members and volunteers of the Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre are proud to be part of Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. In the near future we shall share with you photographs of major projects that the Wah Sing has delivered in the run up to the main celebrations.
The Unicorn say's Good luck Liverpool!